The EL SmokeStation©

4TwentyDecor has created a Posh Technology home Decor to elevate your cannabis experience. The EL (The God) SmokeStation© is elegantly designed inclusive of curated smoke accessories with a "One New Future" technology element giving you an exclusive entry into high society.

The EL SmokeStation© is a purposeful and intentional play and work space for the true connoisseur of Luxury, Opulence and Innovation.

4TwentyDecor has constructed a clear pathway to caring for the details of the EL SmokeStation© 3 distinctive Houses designated to the importance of the performance and style of the EL SmokeStation©.

The Tech House will focus on intuitive engagement, functionality and features.

The Fashion House will focus on the ambiance of your home, the designs exclusive appeal, the creative textures, patterns and themes.

The S. Access House (Smoke Accessory) will focus on curating the accessories embodied with a touch of technology and beauty as they fit in the EL SmokeStation©.

The Results will put a vast world of possibilities in the middle of your room.

The EL SmokeStation©- The Gods Smoke Here!


A Comprehensive Allure of Security, Safety & Technology


The Sophisticated nuances of design, subtle textures and distinctive elements of beauty.


Capture the convenience of curated cannabis accessories embodied with a touch of tech.