Can I have multiple users for the Classic+ and the Multi-Tech EL SmokeStation’s?

Yes, both EL SmokeStation designs allows 5 users including the administrator.


Can I track how many times Classic+ and Multi-Tech has been accessed?

Yes, for both the Classic+ and Multi-Tech.


How do I set up my EL SmokeStation?

See the attachments and YouTube video for instructions.


I received my EL SmokeStation what is the first thing I should do?

 Charge your EL SmokeStation’s for battery full before use.  For the Multi-Tech ensure to charge the LED Mirror and wireless phone charger as well.


How Do I turn on the LED Mirror?

  1. Press the black small button at the back of the EL SmokeStation.
  2. Lift the top of the EL SmokeStation.
  3. Wait 5 seconds then press the middle button of the Mirror. Wait 5 seconds each time to change the LED color light.

Note: The lid of the EL SmokeStation has to be closed and then reopened to repeat LED color light sequence.

If Light stalls check the following:

LED Mirror needs to be charged

Need to want 5 seconds between changes

Close the Lid, wait 5 seconds, open the lid, wait and then touch the LED Mirror button again.

How many charge ports does EL SmokeStation have and where do I find them?

 The Classic+ and Multi-Tech have a hidden charging port under the face of the fingerprint button.  Simply lift the metal face to reveal the USB charging port.  The Multi-tech has 2 additional USB charging ports in the back of the EL SmokeStation.  One is for the LED Touch screen mirror and the other is for Wireless phone charger portals.


Can I use any USB charging cord for my EL SmokeStation?

Yes, you can.


Is my EL SmokeStation waterproof or water resistant?

The charging ports are protected with wooden casing with will provide water resistance. However, it is not recommended to continue to expose the EL SmokeStation to any water. The functionality will not survive if submerged as it is not waterproof.


What do I do if my phone is lost?

Download the app on any approved smart phone and log into it with your unique username and password. Additionally, if you have set up your fingerprint access you are able to bypass the app and use your fingerprint.


What do I do if the Classic+ and Multi-tech EL SmokeStation doesn’t pair?

  • Ensure phone's Bluetooth is on
  • Ensure the phone can connect to the internet
  • Ensure the EL SmokeStation is plugged in, powered on, and within arm’s reach
  • Ensure the user has accepted the "permissions" prompts by the app