Fashion House

Fashion House Designs

The design of The EL SmokeStation© encompassed an unmatched level of edge, evocation, and entertainment that one will want to experience like a timeless collection of the most memorable experiences.

EL SmokeStation©

Frames your home in power and shimmer with the simplest ambiance of strength and a subtle sense of being present.

EL SmokeStation©

Decorates your home with pure diplomacy from the normal blandness of interior design. The expansion of its presence will give the room the understanding of scholarly advancements with successful features – respected and not feared.

Exterior Designs

The EL SmokeStation© is sculpted gracefully with different colors and textured materials. The signature designs bear the 4twentyDecor name and Rose Bud with intent and poise. The decadent material textures provide curves and straight lines giving you a striking eye-catching essence of beauty. The fingerprint and Bluetooth lock fittings allows what is inside to be anchored securely and safely while keeping those with no paired access safe.

EL SmokeStation©

Rules the room with distinction. The confidence is extraordinary and unrivaled as its energy hovers and is felt from one corner of the room to the next – commanding the audience to speak only when spoken to.

Interior Designs

The interior was tailored to unclutter and simplify the smoke experience. Perfectly organized and generously proportioned to fit the sleek aluminum alloy smoke tray kit. Effortlessly housing the mirror while simultaneously illuminating your smoke experience with the LED light touch screen. The EL SmokeStation© has a convenient wireless charger for your mobile phone neatly packed and accessible if you have paired access. 4TwentyDecor has also designed the inside of some tech designs with themes catering to your favorite past time giving you fun and elegance in one.

    EL SmokeStation©

    Defines a room in a majestic manner draped in lore and mythical wonder. Polite to the room ruling over all décor fabulously, flawlessly and with no apology.

    Smart Home Decor has never been styled in this way – your home will thank you and your house guest will envy you. The elite design rooms start with the EL SmokeStation. Dress your home the only way the Gods will - with the EL SmokeStation.